Outstanding Features

Outstanding Features

PublishMed redefines Medical Journal Publishing by making it hassle-free, trendy and economically sustainable to all parties involved. We are the only medical journal publisher that shares publishing revenues with partners.

Following are the features that makes us unique:

 Journal on Demand­  TM

We believe that medical professionals all over the world, irrespective of their region or country, have the right to disseminate medical knowledge without having to go through publishing hell. Hence when it comes to starting a new medical journal, we provide the opportunity first and then ask the questions.

All you need to do is submit a short form and your journal will be up and going within 48 hours. Then we go on to provide you with the support and guidance to get all the resources together to launch the first issue and then keep it going.

So whether you are a well-organized group of medical professionals or a bunch of medical buddies or even an individual looking to make your mark, when it comes to publishing your medical journal, we make sure that your enthusiasm is kept alive by removing all trivia out of the way.

So if you want to publish a medical journal just go ahead and submit this form and we will take care of the rest.

Standard Submit, Priority Submit and Open Submit

All our journals have the standard submission option wherein your submitted paper will enter the editorial queue following normal sequence and make its way through the various steps, accumulating valuable metadata as it advances. Through this option your paper will normally be ready for publishing within a period of 3 months.

But in case you have come across an important research finding that needs to be disseminated most urgently or you have a publishing deadline to meet, you can opt for Priority Submit, wherein your paper will be moved up the sequence at all stages. Following this option your paper will be ready for publishing within a period of 2 weeks.

If all you want is to get your paper published and do not care when where and how, you can do an open submit at our submission portal and our team of expert will recommend the most appropriate platform after studying your paper. This method will save you a lot of time and effort in getting published.

High Acceptance

Respecting every individual’s freedom of expression, if a paper is not scientifically and/or ethically flawed, it usually gets accepted in our journals. Then the paper goes through our rigorous peer review and editorial process, which tries to fix all discrepancies to the extent possible. Those which could not be fixed will get mentioned as editorial comments.

Rapid Review

Our automated peer review system tracks every submitted paper and ensures that the reviews are completed in a time bound manner. Once the recommendations of the review process are incorporated, the paper gets listed for a comprehensive editing process called Active Edit.

Active Edit­TM

The objective of Active Edit­TM is to ensure that papers submitted from different parts of the world get converted in to a uniform global publishing standard as far as content, style and language is concerned. This is done by in-house professional editors with years of experience in the field of medical editing, so as to ensure that the final published version meets all the quality control criteria required by leading indexing agencies.

Early Indexing

Because of the outstanding editorial quality and rich metadata content of the articles, journals published us are accepted early by the leading indexing agencies. Our existing arrangements with several indexing agencies ensure that your journals starts to get indexed even after the publishing of first issue.

Trendy Design

PublishMed breaks new grounds in medical journal design by making medical knowledge look cool. From the state-of-the-art look and feel of our websites to the highly engaging info-graphics that go along with the articles, we look to root out the boredom from medical literature.

Open Access

We believe that the greatest disservice to humanity would be to lock up lifesaving medical information behind high price barriers. Hence we maintain a universal open access policy, by the merit of which articles published in all of our journals would be accessible online always without incurring any cost to the reader.

Print on Demand

Even as we maintain an open access online policy, we also ensure that those who require reprints of our journals get these by paying reasonable subscription fees. We also do print on demand when ordered in sufficient quantities as stipulated by the individual journals.

Journal on the Go

The responsive design of all our journals make them compatible with every mobile device out there. In addition, our android and iOS apps bring all the information you need at your fingertips.

Revenue Sharing

The most outstanding feature of PublishMed Journals is that we share up to 50% of the publishing revenue with our journal partners. So when an organization publishes its medical journal with us, it becomes not just beacon of academic excellence but also a source of income generation.

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