Medical Paper Publishing

Those involved in research in the medical profession often find it difficult to see their papers published in reputed journals. This is because of a number of factors including complicated submission and review procedures, long turn around time, poor acceptance rates and exorbitant publishing fees of most international medical journals. PublishMed International breaks all these barriers by offering a unique platform with the following features:

  1. More than 50 International Journals catering to every medical specialty and sub-specialty.
  2. Centralised online submission system with a few easy guided steps
  3. Automated and time-bound peer review process
  4. Active involvement of editorial team to increase acceptance rates
  5. Unique Digital Object Identification code for every article published
  6. Robust Metadata generation system to make every article stand out on its own
  7. Submission to publishing turnaround time of less than 2 months for most journals
  8. Indexed by upto 40 leading indexing agencies
  9. Open Access and Open Archiving for most journals
  10. Minimum or no publishing fees in most cases

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