Journal Publishing Platform

Medical Journal publishing involves synchronization of multiple processes like submission, peer review, editing, indexing and more. Our automated journal publishing platform ensures that technology comes to the best aid of the medical research fraternity, so that they can focus more on their science than the publishing process. We also ensure to give maximum benefits to our partners and affiliate organisations so as to make the publishing process a win-all situation.

Benefits of Publishing your journal with us include:

  1. Centralised online submission and management of all content.
  2. Custom website for each journal, with unique web address if required.
  3. Automation and online integration of the review and editorial process.
  4. Unique Digital Object Identification code for every article published
  5. Robust Metadata generation system to make every article stand out on its own
  6. Submission of metadata to more than 40 leading indexing agencies.
  7. Provision to make content open access or subscription based
  8. Citation siring and automatic citation refer-back on every article.
  9. Reading Tools for content in HTML, PDF and ePUB formats.
  10. Revenue sharing agreement with partners and affiliate organisations
  11. Print-ready layout preparation and Print on Demand of journal issues.

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