Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

The following word processor file formats are acceptable for the main manuscript document typed in double spaced unjustified format, Arial or Times New Roman font size 12

  • Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX)
  • Rich text format (RTF)
  • Open Document Format (ODT)

Manuscripts for Research articles submitted to PublishMed journals should be divided into the following sections:

  1. Title page – containing title of the study and full information of authors.
  2. Abstract – should not be more than 400 words and should contain background, methods, results and conclusions.
  3. Keywords – four to eight keywords representing the topic of the article.
  4. Background and Rationale – elaborating the existing knowledge scenario with regard to the research question and how this study would add to it.
  5. Objectives of the Study – Numbered output indicators that the study tries to look into (aims of the study).
  6. Methods – includes study design, study subjects, materials, duration, data collection, data analysis and ethical considerations.
  7. Results and discussion – the findings of the study presented in the form of statistical indicators , figures and tables. Figures and tables to be attached as separate files.
  8. Conclusions – Final deductions arrived at and new knowledge obtained at the end of the study.
  9. List of abbreviations used (if any)
  10. Conflicts of Interest – A conflict of interest exists when your interpretation of data or presentation of information may be influenced by your personal or financial relationship with other people or organizations. Authors must disclose any financial competing interests; they should also reveal any non-financial competing interests that may cause them embarrassment were they to become public after the publication of the manuscript.
  11. Acknowledgements – to be provided to all parties who contributed in a significant way to the study.
  12. Endnotes – Explanations of terminologies as and when required.
  13. References – References should be made in the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) style, comprehensive examples of which can be found on this page.
  14. Illustrations and figures (if any) – Figures must be submitted as separate image files in JPEG format (jpg) and not as part of the submitted manuscript file. Figures should be correctly numbered and named and referenced in the main article in the appropriate place.
  15. Tables and captions – Tabular data provided as additional files can be uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet (.xls) or open document (.ods) file formats.
  16. Format used for data collection – this could be a questionnaire of other data collection tool.

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